Saturday, January 5, 2008

Transitioning Beyond Sustainability


I believe the time has come to share stories of ecological hope and optimism in this era of environmental degradation. Like many people, I have often wondered what I can personally do to lessen the effects of global warming, peak oil, severe drought, etc. I believe that many of us can make great changes and have a sizable impact on the environmental woes. With this blog, I hope to show people how we can make the changes we wish to see in the world. There are many acts that each home and each person can do to to transition into a sustainable culture. As time allows, we at Quaking Aspen will post stories, photos, and videos demonstrating ways that we can begin to take change into our own hands. If you are looking for ecological ways to live your life then keep checking back as we post information on rainwater and greywater harvesting, permaculture, organic gardening, urban poultry, beekeeping, natural building, community involvement, and many other topics that begin to transition our neighborhoods and lives beyond sustainable.

Quaking Aspen is located in the Foxglenn neighborhood of Flagstaff, Arizona.


Colin Leath said...

Josh, the slideshow you added is excellent. It reminds me of the gardening australia video.

Also, here's a site I created, partly inspired by what you showed me: 7Fs Placement.

Seth said...

Trying to find a friend from school named Josh Robinson. My name is Seth Wells. If the name rings a bell and you are who you are email me.

Amina said...

hey, would love to see it live one day! looks great, sounds rich, rewarding and awsome, wish we would all do it! thank you for sending it.very inspiring, great work you do there and leah, the cake on the slide show looks delicious!love, amina